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A heartfelt poem to women who hate men

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Take a look this YouTube clip of Irish poet, Stephen Murphy, delivering a passionate plea to women who are sexist towards men. Thanks to Darach Murphy for making insideMAN aware of Stephen’s work.

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“I say this as a man……” says the poet Stephen Murphy before launching into a passionate, poetic plea for men and women to end the gender war.

It’s the opening line in his poem Mac Tire (the Irish term for wolf) in which he declares “some hardcore factions have completely lost the plot,” from “misogynistic pricks” and “emasculating zealots”.

Murphy is particularly concerned about the “depiction of all men as the mortal enemy” and makes a personal plea to women who hate men saying:

“To think that just because I’m a man I’m therefore horrible

is really quite a weak

example of the equal opportunity you seek

because hating me for being a man is just as much an affront

as me hating every Englishman for Cromwell being a….

terrible individual and an habitual psychopath.”

Ease up on the venom!

Murphy is also worried about the impact that negative attitudes towards men could be having on the next generation and signs the poem off with this thought:

“The next time that you slate us all for the next thing we’ve done

I ask you not for me at all, but more just for my son

to ease up on the vitriolic venom in your tongue

and please just try to realise that we live and die as one.”

You can see Stephen Murphy delivering the full poem in the YouTube clip below:

—Picture credit: Flickr/Mai Le


To find out more about Stephen Murphy and his poetry visit his “sleeping warrior” website or follow his facebook page.

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    Fantastic! Good job fella, well said as well as funny! :)

  • William Collins

    Yea, first rate.

  • John Barry

    I don’t usually like poetry, but this was in a different league. Good work Stephen.

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