Top marks to Cheerios for probably the best dad advert ever

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1. Cheerios #HowToDad advert 

This is our all time favourite example of a dad in an ad. The Cheerios #HowToDad advert, launched in Canada, has been heralded as signaling the death of the idiot dad and with a lyrical celebration of fatherhood that declares: “being awesome isn’t about breaking rules, it’s about making them…..when a rule is broken we’re the enforcement, when a heart is broken we’re the re-enforcement”.

Check out this bonus advert which tells the tearjerking story of a Thai girl who wished for a better father.

In the run up to launch of the film Down Dog on 14 February, insideMAN is running a series of articles about fatherhood and we’d love you to get involved. You can join the conversation on twitter by using the hashtag #MenBehavingDADly; leave a comment in the section below or email us with your thoughts and ideas for articles to insideMANeditor@gmail.com.

For more information about the film see www.downdogfilm.com

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  • karen woodall

    Oh but you missed out the very best one ever….straight from my working class roots, look at this dad and his boy living family lives whilst sharing a passion for dancing….isn’t he just the coolest dad you have ever ever seen (ok I admit it, I’ve got a thing for him, have asked Nick to buy a tank top and some flaredemoniums as he calls them but as a punk at heart he’s not having it!)


    • Inside MAN

      I hadn’t seen that Karen—-until now—-it’s brilliant! Will share it.



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