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‘People more willing to rescue their pet than a man or teenage boy’, YouGov poll finds

This might not come as a huge surprise, but according to a poll commissioned by a UK charity, people are more likely to feel willing to rescue a pet that is in danger, than a man or a teenage boy.

The poll found that out of seven different categories, a man on his own was least likely to inspire people to want to help him if he looked to be at risk.

In descending order from those who most people would feel willing to help: A pensioner (91%), a woman on her own (85%), a child (85%), a parent with children (82%), a family pet (79%), a teenager (68%) and a man on his own (56%).

According to the Anthony Nolan blood cancer charity who commissioned the research, “46% of Brits said they would be concerned about risking their own safety, while 36% said they would not know how to help”.

The charity said its findings were the result of a YouGov survey of 2,353 adults.

I can’t help feeling a little hurt that if I found myself with my back against the wall, and it came down to a choice between helping me or a Labrador with a limp, most people would choose the Labrador.

By Dan Bell

Images: DM Sumon and Kira Okamoto

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