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We want to hear your fatherhood stories

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Are you a dad? Do you have a fatherhood story to tell? If so we want to hear from you!

We’ve joined forces with the makers of a new film about fatherhood to get more dads involved in conversations with other dads about their experience of, you guessed it, being a dad.

In the next few weeks we aim to publish dozens of articles about fatherhood written by you, the dads of Britain (and beyond). We’re calling this initiative #MenBehavingDADly because the writer of the film we’ve teamed up with is Simon Nye, writer of the hugely popular sitcom Men Behaving Badly.

Simon’s new film,  Down Dog, follows the heroic struggle of an emotionally absent father as he tries to build a relationship with his teenage son. That’s the film’s fatherhood story—but what’s yours?


Maybe you want to tell us about being a DADpreneur who balances work and family or maybe you’re a full-time stay-at-home-dad with a tale to tell.

You could be a champion of young fathers or a younger dad who has a view on how old is too old to be a dad.

You may be a political dad like Labour councillor Ralph Berry who’s keen to make a difference for dads in his city, or a supporter of better rights for separated dads like UKIP’s Deputy Chair, Suzanne Evans.

Maybe you’re a dad with strong opinions, who’s sick of big brands ridiculing fathers or ignoring dads altogether. Or perhaps you have an expert opinion to share on the way advertisers portray dads or some personal observations about the etiquette of men pushing prams.

DAD tips 

You could have views about what it takes to be a great dad or have some great fatherhood tips to pass on to other dads, like some advice on giving “the talk” to your teenage daughter’s boyfriend.

You may want to share your struggles with personal issues like being an unemployed dad, dealing with a miscarriage or going into counselling because your shouting at your kids.

Maybe you have questions you want to contemplate like whether we should buy kids gender neutral presents or encourage your sons to play with dolls, like Torsten Klaus who thinks we need to create a new generation of fathers.

DAD legacy 

You might want to contemplate the legacy you could pass on to your children, share a funny story about being a dad or reflect on your relationship with your own father.

Maybe you’re a campaigning dad who wants to explain why you staged a public protest or a thoughtful dad who wants to work out if he’s a masculine or feminine father (and consider which one is best).

Or maybe you have a view on why the NSPCC thinks we value fathers less than mothers and why some employers pay mums 60 times more parental leave pay than dads.

All of these stories have appeared here at insideMAN in the past few months and if you’d like to add to our evolving conversation on all aspects of fatherhood then we’d love to hear from you.

—Photo: Flickr/Paul Downey

In the run up to the Down Dog‘s launch on 14 February, insideMAN will be running a series of articles about fatherhood and we’d love you to get involved. You can join the conversation on twitter by using the hashtag #MenBehavingDADly; leave a comment in the section below or email us with your thoughts and ideas for articles to [email protected]

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  • Paul Mills

    What a great idea, I’m already looking forward to reading others and compiling my own. How about a few guidelines on length etc?. I have a feeling this could really fly!

    • Inside MAN

      Hi Paul

      Will drop you a line within 24 hours but as a general rule 500-800 words and we can take shorter (not need to stretch it for the sake of it) and longer (though longer articles need to be REALLY REALLY well written to work)

      I was going to ask you if we can republish you comment on how your son dealt with a bully—-I think that’s an experience that needs to be shared and discussed. What do you think?



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